Reliance Trailer is the leader in production of high quality trailers for the vocational marketplace. Founded in 1914, the company has grown to its current level of success through vertical integration of product and process.  By continually integrating new and advanced technologies with lean manufacturing principles, Reliance Trailer produces equipment to exceed performance standards in a wide range of applications.  Reliance Trailers are designed better, built stronger, and supported longer - that's our commitment and reputation

Super Dump Line. Carts are on tracks, and parts boxes are on wheels, for quicker cycle time down the line. This is a good example of lean manufacturing, which leads to greater overall productivity.  
  Super Dump Line. Close up view of parts boxes and tracks, referenced above.
  External view of Building 3, our Paint Shop.
Interior of our state-of-the-art Wash Rack.  
  Wash Rack. In this phase, the body is sprayed with phosphates to etch the steel and allow the paint to adhere more effectively.
  Paint Shop – application of clear coat. Reliance only uses high-quality, Dupont branded paint on our equipment. After painting, stainless overlay and other detailing will occur before final inspection and delivery.

ESAB Avenger X burn table 70L x 14W

The STOCKTON plant.  Reliance Trailer Manufacturing