End Dumps

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  • Standard body height is 41".
  • 1/4" Heavy-duty elliptical rolled 175,000 lb. psi yield 400 Brinell rated Relialloy steel body.
  • 4"x4"x3/8" top rails, welded on diamond.
  • Stable frameless construction.
  • Oscillating kingpin plate, rubber-bushed body seats.
  • Tubular draft arms, hinged at full width setting.
  • Cab-operated airlift tailgate, with independently air-actuated spring brake latches.
  • Body height and axle setting engineered for paving.
  • 42,000 lb. capacity rubber-bushed single-point suspension.
  • Wide-track 5" round axles with 161/2"x7" tapered non-asbestos brake lining.
  • ABS anti-lock brake system.
  • Spring brakes on both axles.
  • D.O.T. approved sealed beam lights.
  • Five-stage 220" hydraulic hoist.
  • Steel sloped rear fenders.
  • Removeable body stand.


Optional Equipment
  • Kingpin-to-rear axle dimension set to match your particular "bridge" specification.
  • Steel front fenders.
  • Front fender extensions.
  • Sideboard extension pockets.
  • Parallelogram lift suspension.
  • Telescopic body stand or single-hinge swing-up stand.
  • Draft arm mounted Austin or Holland 2-speed landing gear.
  • "Hi-cube" demolition and sludge-type bodies available.
  • Body shells available from 3/16" Hi-tensile steel to 3/8" 400 Brinell-rated Relialloy steel (175,000+ lbs. psi) for hauling materials from processed aggregate to boulders and shot rock.
  • Stainless steel available for special commodity hauling.
  • Body lengths available from 20' to 37'.